the photographer

big pine
Photography is a hobby borne of my obsessive documentation and my love for the visually beautiful. I also have a background in image processing and extensive experience noodling around on computers. That helps.

I like to take pictures.

I typically photograph landscapes, nature, food, my dog, and people – not always in that order. Living in the Colorado Rockies provides ample opportunity for shooting the first two of that list. Much of the food is prepared by yours truly.

I shoot with Nikon digital bodies (D3x, D700, D200). I think moving to digital has improved my photography by leaps and bounds. Practice helps too.

I shoot every day, but I don’t dump everything here. Be thankful for that.

Photos are available for purchase. Please view the gallery or email me if there is an image you like from the blog (and please identify by date of entry and description of photo).