aspen to crested butte

4 comments to “aspen to crested butte”

  1. Grey Street Girl says:

    Love those reflections! The leaves are just starting to turn down here in Tennessee. I’m going to Utah later this week and can’t wait to see if I can capture some really fall foliage with my lens.

  2. Monica H says:

    The reflections are stunning.

  3. Mrs Erg├╝l says:

    If I have to choose a favourite, it gotta be the last photo because the different colours seem to represent different stages of the seasons. so lovely.

  4. jenyu says:

    GSG – good hunting! Photog reports say Utah is looking good for colors.

    Monica – thanks!

    Mrs. E – happy that you’re getting a little bit of fall even if you live in perpetual summer :)