on the hunt for porcinis

4 comments to “on the hunt for porcinis”

  1. Butter says:

    I’m going to remember this day for the rest of my life. How many times did we say, “this is so great,” or “this day is amazing”? It was the most fun I’ve ever had mushrooming, and you know that’s saying something!

  2. Sharon says:

    Was that giant mushroom also a porcini? Wow!! That is simply amazing!

  3. Sheridan Stanton says:

    Are all of those mushrooms edible besides the one that was stated as poisonous? The one with the spots? What a great talent for foraging…I would love to hone in on that skill here in Minnesota!

  4. jenyu says:

    Butter – :)

    Sharon – yes! CRAZY!!

    Sheridan – I don’t know. Some of them are unidentified and so you obviously shouldn’t be putting anything in your mouth unless you know what it is 100%. There are many look alikes to porcinis that can make you quite ill, so your best bet is to go with a professional forager who knows the differences.