at the library

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  1. Margie says:

    Jenzie, I just caught this and I HAVE to ask. Is this the Boulder Library? Years ago, my father worked as a construction crew supervisor in the building of the Boulder Library. I visited MANY times, and even got the opportunity to see Scott Carpenter’s space capsule when it sat there in the lobby. I have photo’s of my dad walking the steel beams surverying the work, taken by a professional photographer. Anyway….I am curious. If this IS the Boulder facility, I’d LOVE to send my family to your photo shoot pic. We all live elsewhere these days, and our folks were killed in a housefire at Eaton in December, 1982.

    Love ya, kiddo!
    Your favorite fan, Margie

  2. jenyu says:

    Margie – yes, this is the Boulder Library’s main branch – the atrium. Feel free to send them here for a look. It’s a lovely building. I’m very sorry about your folks :(

  3. Margie says:

    Thanks, Jen! I WILL send them for a look. You can’t imagine what this will mean to them, and to me.