antelope valley – day 1

2 comments to “antelope valley – day 1”

  1. Nan @tastingoutloud says:

    Jen, these images are just lovely — truly! Masses of flower like these make me think of Dorothy on the road in Oz. Poppies, Poppies. Just beautiful!

  2. Denise says:

    Ah, yes. I lived in the Antelope Valley for 2 years – truly felt like doing my time in the wilderness – hot and windy, cold and windy, nearly always dry and dusty. But, spring, and the wildflowers! Spend a day in the poppies and your entire being is saturated with the purest orange – there is no experience quite like it. Thank heavens for the blue of the lupines for counterpoint, and the red-violet of owls clover.