wild for crested butte

6 comments to “wild for crested butte”

  1. Nichole says:

    wow! i love them all, but i can’t wait to show luke your shot of the elephant heads b/c those are his favorite alpine flower and your shot is fantastic.

  2. white On Rice Couple says:

    taken from you words exactly— OH MAH GAH !!! So happy to see you hit the peak in the gorgeous back country!!
    Everything is stunning, amazing work, but the photographs of the ferns are really stellar.
    The texture, color and sea of ferns is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.
    thank you! xoxo

  3. Tokyo Terrace says:

    Crested Butte is such a magical place- the scenery is unreal, the people are amazing, and there are quite a few great restaurants. We went to Le Bosquete when we were there and the food was unbelievable! Thanks for sharing these photos- I adore them!

  4. marianne says:

    Beautiful, Jen!! Wow oh wow, I’m wondering what I’m doing in town right now.
    Love those elephant’s head – such a cool plant, and such a cool shot you’ve got going on of them!!

  5. Foodie in Berlin says:

    Unbelievable! That photo with the mountains in the background looks like a set from the sound of music but more beautiful, if that is possible!

  6. Susi says:

    Wow stunning photos! And I was just looking for a zucchini bread recipe! Which I also found. Is there any thing you can’t do?