jeremy and sonya engaged

7 comments to “jeremy and sonya engaged”

  1. Jason Janelle says:

    These are beautiful Jen, very good job.

  2. barbara says:

    Great job Jen. I especially love the last one .

  3. Paul n Gwen says:

    Nice pics Jer n Sonya! Beautiful in fact! Congrats!

  4. Mom (LT) says:

    Jen, These pictures are awesome!
    Jeremy and Sonya I love them. I especially love the last one, #4 sitting in the wild flowers and #5 walking in the tall grass. They are all great photos! I’m happy for you both! Lots of love, Mom

  5. Grandpa & Grandma says:

    Jen, thanks for taking such lovely pictures of our grandson and future granddaughter. Jer and Sonya. Congratulations! We are happy for you as you put your lives together and form your family as you follow in the ways of the Lord. Lots of love to you both. Grandma and Grandpa

  6. Serena says:

    i love all of them, but particularly the B & W photo :) you already know that but.. you’re such a great photographer Jen :)

  7. gomichael says:

    Congratulationsssssssss, beautiful pics!