evo 2011, park city

6 comments to “evo 2011, park city”

  1. Kath1213 says:

    So gorgeous, Jen!

  2. jyl johnson pattee says:

    Awesome capture of the evo’11 weekend. Thanks so much for all you contributed to make it so wonderful! Love your passion!


  3. Margie says:

    These photo’s depict a wonderful array of happy. I smiled all the way through them.

    Joy, pure and simple!

  4. Mrs Erg├╝l says:

    I like the gondola! It’s comfy like a couch only it moves and is up high in the sky!

  5. Jen @how_i_mountain says:

    LOVE those MTB photos!! And i have the same one from the orange bubble lift with my toes peeking up. It was so nice to meet you. Come back and mountain with me as soon as you can!

  6. Troy Pattee says:

    Wow. You’ve got some serious talent with that camera!