jen yu: travel


My primary motivation for travel is to explore natural landscapes. I prefer alpine environments in cool climates. The majority of our trips have been within the United States and those are mostly documented under the backcountry pages. I have been to South America a handful of times for field work during graduate school, but our favorite destination is hands down: New Zealand.

whistler, victoria, seattle
canada/us, july 2007
north chilean forearc, pica
chile, june-july 2001
south island
new zealand, march 2007
atacama desert
chile, august 1999
red center, sydney
australia, march 2007
mendoza, san juan, jachal
argentina, june 1998
big island of hawai'i
united states, february 2005
san pedro, altiplano, santiago
chile, july 1998
south island
new zealand, nov-dec 2004
banff, jasper, yoho
canada, june 1997
north island, queenstown
new zealand, july-aug 2003