jen yu: about


Hi. I'm Jen. Welcome to my website.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been an archivist. I love to document and catalog my activities and hobbies. My web pages reflect this. I am also a big fan of keeping things organized. My web pages may not reflect this. The problem is that my collection rate is greater than my archive rate. That is probably a good thing.

These pages contain heaps of information if you are interested in food, photography, hiking, travel, or various crafts projects. You will find a lot of pictures because I am a shutterbug. It ties back into that documentation problem I have. That, and I like sharing information.

I maintain a memorial page for my sister, Kris.

A Virginian by birth, I went to school in California (Caltech, BS) and New York (Cornell, PhD). Now I live in the Colorado Rockies with my man and my dog. My educational and professional backgrounds include: mechanical engineering, tectonic geomorphology, satellite remote sensing, radar interferometry, software programming, web design and development. I have worked for NASA JPL, Caltech (I liked those jobs), and UNAVCO (I didn't like that so much).

I spent most of 2008 undergoing cancer treatment. The first picture above isn't just me telemark skiing, it's me telemark skiing between rounds #4 and #5 of chemotherapy in April.

Live it, baby.