jen yu: make


It's a good feeling to be able to make something yourself. I'm far from a DIY expert, but I do enjoy designing and/or making things (an intersection of my engineering background and fascination with textiles). If I can give a handmade gift over a purchased one, I will. Part of the fun is sharing ideas and discoveries with others.

flannel rag quilt vamos shawl
snake draft stopper my so called scarf
ski rack guy scarf
candy-filled pumpkins remnant scarf
holiday crackers ribbon yarn-over scarf
french market bag mosaic fx electra scarf
ben's blanket squiggle splash scarf
blanket esprit voila scarf
baby fruit cap giotto whisper scarf
reverse-bloom flower washcloth splash and deco scarf
cotton chenille washcloth cotton chenille scarf
remnant shawl whisper gioco scarf
katia denim shawl shag scarf