jen yu: mount audubon

mount audubon

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8 miles
10,500 - 13,223 ft.
indian peaks wilderness, colorado
july 28, 2005

The Mount Audubon Trail begins at the Beaver Creek trailhead near Brainard Lake. The trail starts in forest for the first mile and then takes a few switchbacks onto rolling alpine meadows. After 1.7 miles from the start, the trail split and we followed the western route. You can see Audubon from far off (there's nothing to obliterate the view). Blue bells and aster were blooming amond other wildflowers. The trail was muddy and partly a stream. It is exposed for 3/4 of the hike.

Once you reach a saddle, Audubon is to your southwest. Here you leave the trail and pick your way up the scree slopes to the top and then across to summit. There are random cairns marking several ways up. It is best to pick your own way up (assuming you know what you are doing). We got to summit in 2.5 hours and took almost as long coming back down because the dog had torn a few of her pads. The trail was mostly empty on our way up (started around 7:30) and really busy on our way out - especially for a weekday.

start: 7:30 am
summit: 10:00 am
end: 12:30 pm

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