jen yu: pacifico mountain

pacifico mountain

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12 miles
4924 - 7124 ft.
angeles national forest, california
may 28, 2005

We started out of Mill Creek Summit at 7:30 and it was already feeling pretty hot. The trail meanders in and out of small canyons on the north side of the slope. We found beautiful patches gilia blooming there. Rising higher, you start winding your way toward Pacifico and then meeting up with the fireroad leading to the summit. I personally think the trail sucks and would prefer to do it in winter. We took the fireroad back which is faster going and also catches a better breeze from the south (the trail is on the lee of the ridge). Of course, at the bottom, it was all an oven.

start: 7:30 am
summit: 10:05 am
end: 12:30 pm

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