jen yu: canada 2007 - day 5

canada 2007 - day 5

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brandywine falls, animal shelter, zen whistler
july 27, 2007
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Since the high country routes were closed and I felt guilty for taking all morning to hike Garibaldi the day before, we took my parents on a short hike to view a nice waterfall. Brandywine Falls is rated quite high as waterfalls go in the Whistler area, and with good reason. The hike began just off highway 99 at the provincial park lot. A bridge crossed the fast-flowing Brandywine Creek which was that deep turquoise color indicating it's glacial source. The hike to the falls was short - less than a mile. We ambled along at my parents' pace while trying to avoid the mosquitoes. It was humid and a little on the warm side for me. When we got to the falls, we had a good view of both the plunging falls and Daisy Lake to the south.

After some photos, we walked back to the bridge and decided to continue hiking to Lava Lake to the north. This part of the trail had an initial steep section which I think my parents did quite well on, and then it became buggy and hot and overgrown in some parts. My mom was just happy to talk as we walked and anything to keep my dad busy is a good thing. Eventually Jeremy identified Lava Lake which was neither lava nor really a lake (maybe a big pond?) and definitely not signed. We returned to the car and drove back to the time share for lunch.

After eating, it was 1 pm and time for us to go walk a dog. Jeremy and I drove to the Whistler Animal Shelter where they have an afternoon volunteer program to walk their dogs (they also have a no-kill policy, which I support). I liked this idea very much and had hoped to do it a couple of times, but our plans only managed one trip. We were given a handsome boy named Bodie. Bodie is a white husky who was incredibly well-behaved and sweet. He just needed some firm guidance. Bodie loved his walk and Jeremy led us through many of the nice trails in and around Whistler for about an hour and a half until it was time for us to get back to the time share. Poor Bodie didn't want to go back and when we returned him to the shelter, he turned to the door as if to invite us on another hike. I hope someone adopts that beautiful dog soon, he would do so well in an active home.

We then accompanied my dad to some galleries in town where he hoped to find a gift for his friend. Unfortunately, I don't think my dad has much appreciation or understanding of art. I mean, I don't think he even likes it. Jeremy and I saw some nice displays of local works, but Whistler is not the place to buy... anything unless you're trying to unload wads of cash in a hurry.

That evening, Dad selected Zen Whistler for dinner to use up their last $100 coupon they received from that time share sales pitch. Zen Whistler actually served very good quality sushi. It just cost and arm and a leg like everything else in that rotten town. I suppose that's better than paying a small fortune for crap. I couldn't wait to head back to Seattle, a town with style, character, and good value.

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