2014 cutting room floor

A few extra photos that didn’t make our 2014 photo card.

Frozen stream along the Slate River. (December 31, 2013 – Crested Butte)

The setting sun illuminates blowing snow on Whetstone Mountain. (March – Crested Butte)

Jeremy spots Kaweah as she begins her swim in the Slate River. (June – Crested Butte)

A bull moose steps out of the willows after breakfast. (August – Indian Peaks Wilderness)

Looking north toward Aspen from the East Maroon Pass Trail. (August – Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness)

The view of Snowmass Mountain from the shore of Geneva Lake. (September – Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness)

Bluebird day after a snow storm. (October – Uncompahgre National Forest)

The browse line: the boundary of the scars left on these aspen trunks from elk feeding on the bark. (October – Nederland)

Three coyotes on the move. (October – Rocky Mountain National Park)

A lone tree in the morning fog. (October – Rocky Mountain National Park)

Bull elk bugling to attract females. (October – Rocky Mountain National Park)

A composite of the partial solar eclipse (photographed through Baader solar film). (October – Nederland)

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