Hello from the Colorado Rockies! We’ve assembled our 18th annual Year in Photos on the cusp of the New Year as the snow piles up in our local mountains. In 2022 we celebrated 30 years of Dynamic Duoship, experienced a surprise boom chanterelle season, upgraded to a mountain-capable plug-in hybrid electric SUV, and made some major lifestyle adjustments after Jen’s diabetes diagnosis. The close of 2022 leaves our pack in a better place than when it began and we hope the same holds true for you.

We truly enjoy receiving your comments (leave one at the bottom of the post!), emails, texts, cards, and letters each year. Links to past years’ cards can be found on the sidebar.

Jen implemented big changes in her diet and exercise, which translated into significant reduction of her A1C to near normal levels within 6 months of the diagnosis. Left: Jen 1.0 (archive photo from January 2020). Right: Jen 2.0. (November 2022 – Crested Butte, Colorado)

We believe in snow. (March & April – Nederland, Colorado)

In May, we took Jen’s parents to Yosemite National Park and wine country. (Yosemite & Napa, California)

Mountain morning summer magic. Grateful for rain, rainbows, hummingbirds stopping by to feed, and Yuki full of curiosity. (June – Nederland)

Summer hikes always involve dogs splashing into alpine lakes and streams. This was captured mere moments before Neva disrupted the tranquility with her flying leap. (July – Colorado)

We spent far too many hours messing about the forests in pursuit of chanterelle mushrooms and tripling the area of known patches! (August – undisclosed locations)

Despite retooling her culinary knowledge base, Jen still exercises her pastry muscles. Left: Palisade peach and wild foraged huckleberry frangipane tart for Jen’s mom’s birthday. Right: Jeremy’s four-layer chocolate pistachio huckleberry birthday cake. (August & September – Nederland)

Our favorite time to hike and trail run: late summer/early fall. (September – Crested Butte)

A bull moose drifts across the valley. (September – Crested Butte)

Crested Butte Mountain donning golden skirts. (October – Crested Butte)

Swapping trail runners for skis and boots. The seasons may change, but human-powered fun never stops. (November – Colorado)

It is our sincerest wish that your trajectories be positive and fulfilling as we transition from 2022 to 2023. Sending you all much love and good wishes for the new year.

Jen, Jeremy, Neva, and Yuki

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14 comments at “2022”

  1. Kath says:

    Hey Jen & Jeremy –

    Your yearly update always makes me smile. Congrats on the positive health news, Jen and also congrats on your chanterelle skills!

    Altho it’s been ages since I’ve seen you IRL, please know I think of you fondly and I miss the awesome Jen hugs.

    Best of everything in 2023!

    Much love –

    Kath xo

  2. Jared K says:

    You guys look great! Congrats Jen on your health! What an awesome journey. The pic of Yuki and the rainbow made the whole family “awwwww” with glee.

    Sooooo….. When is your appearance on The Great British Baking Show? ;-)

  3. Rob P says:

    Happy New Year to your whole tribe. I’m glad to see and hear that things are going ok, and that you’re handling diabetes well (honestly, I’m not at all surprised that you’ve taken it on head first).

    Much love from Los Perez to you all. Hope you have a lot of great powder and tear it up this winter.

  4. Graham Brew says:

    Spectacular as always Jen, a pleasure to hear from you. Things here much the same. Chris incredibly busy with her international agility pursuits, and me with work. Also went to Cornell in October where we reassembled Muawia’s research group circa. 1998. That was a trip.

    We’ll have to meet up again sometime.

    All the best, Graham & Chris

  5. Lisa Guernsey says:

    Dear Jen & Jeremy – You and these photos are as gorgeous and inspiring as ever! I’m very glad to hear the good health news, Jen. Would love to see you both again before too long!
    Lots of love, Lisa

  6. Annie says:

    Happy New Year! Glad that you are both doing so well. Way to tackle your diagnosis and come out strong Jen! That is a considerable challenge. We wish you lots of powder and foraging jackpots in the new year! Xoxo The Jones Clan

  7. M.K. says:

    What Joy ~ Thanks for sending this uplifting newsletter out the “old fashioned” way via email, Jen! It fills my heart with gladness to see your lovely family & Colorado photos and also to hear of your great health update. Wishing you many grand outdoor adventures in the coming year, and when the spirit moves it’s always a gift to “go along for the ride” via your postings.

  8. Y says:

    Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy new year!

  9. Kristin says:

    Ahhh, this made me sigh such a big, happy, contented sigh. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos from your year. It’s such a pleasure to follow along on your adventures. Happy 2023!

  10. Andrew says:

    Happy new year to you both! (Every year I see the fall foliage pictures, and every year I am amazed all over again…)

  11. Marin says:

    This remains one of my favourite New Year traditions. Thanks for continuing to share it with me, and many bright wishes for all of you.


  12. squid says:

    The tart… the cake – I can’t stop staring. Best of all, seeing your parents. We are all well. Junior Squid is programming at JPL. Just talked to Ursula – she’s well too.

    Love you both!

  13. Jill from Detroit says:

    Beautiful photos! So enjoy seeing the mountains through your eyes. Glad you’re living your best life in colorful Colorado. Miss reading your blog posts. Jen you truly share a part of yourself in your writing. Beautiful and refreshing.

  14. Cindi Herleman says:

    Jen – thank you for always including me in your year in stunning photos (and great stories). You continue to amaze me not only with your renaissance woman talents but how you take every challenge head on and make the best of every situation. Congratulations on your many successes, taking charge of your health and btw, you look fabulous. What an inspiration you are… xo

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