2015 cutting room floor

Just in case you didn’t get enough from the 2015 photo card.

Much needed snow falling. (February – Nederland)

You don’t stop skiing just because the resorts close. (April – Indian Peaks Wilderness)

Jeremy drinks in the view of our “backyard”. (April – Indian Peaks Wilderness)

My unicorn: lightning, rainbow, and sunset all in one place! (June – Crested Butte)

Reason enough to trail run. (June – Crested Butte)

Teaching Neva to stay on the stand-up paddle board (SUP). (July – Crested Butte)

Before taking Neva backpacking, we did a trial run in the tent one night on our deck. Aside from stepping on our faces at 2 am, she did great! (July – Nederland)

A rosy sunset sets autumn aspens aglow on Snodgrass Mountain. (October – Crested Butte)

Mammata and rainbow at sunrise. (October – Nederland)

Airborne Neva, pouncing after her tennis ball in the snow . (November – Nederland)

4 comments at “2015 cutting room floor”

  1. Kathryn Swanson says:

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you, Jeremy, and Neva. Thank you for the beautifully presented recipes and for sharing your extraordinary mountain environment.
    Kathy and John

  2. Janine Desvaux says:

    I wish you, Jeremy and Neva a Joyous Christmas and an Exciting New Year!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of Colorado; I marvel at the wide open and uncluttered landscape of the Western US.


  3. irmi says:

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures that you are sharing with us, your lecturers. All of them are stunning. A very well and magnificent remembrance (or memory) of the several parts and events of the passed year according to the nature’s course! Just gems.

    Have a happy and peaceful ending of the year, Jen & Jeremy!
    And a happy and prosperous New Year to come to you and to yours!


  4. Heather says:

    I hope you had a very happy holiday!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventures!!
    Miss you XOXO Heather