frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Jen, why aren’t there more pictures of you?

Because it’s stressful to capture an image of myself while yelling at the dogs to look at the camera.

Wait a second, was this always a blog?

No, it wasn’t. It used to be a series of static web pages, but in 2011 we decided to move it to a blog format. It makes the card a little more interactive, consistent, and easy to maintain.

What is “The Cutting Room Floor”?

Each year I go from taking tens of thousands of photographs to narrowing down my top picks for the year-end greeting card (this site). Jeremy and I go through them together and don’t always agree on what the final selection should be. We didn’t want to inundate folks with any more pictures than we’ve already got, but wanted to leave the option for those with the time and the curiosity to see the images that were edited out in a separate link.

What kind of camera do you use?

Whatever works, but these days it’s mostly my iPhone and if I’m serious I use Nikon bodies and lenses.

What a great idea for a holiday card! Do you mind if I steal it and do something similar?

As long as you use your own content (i.e. not my images, thank you), I think that would be lovely and better for the environment to boot!

May I share this link with others?

Sure! Just don’t send it to any creepy stalker types.

Will you shoot my wedding?