2022 cutting room floor

A few more photos from the year that didn’t make the 2022 photo card:

This mama moose has been bringing her babies through our neighborhood every spring for years. (May – Nederland)

We love some atmospheric instability at sunset. (June – Nederland)

The rewards of an early start are many. (July – Colorado)

One morning’s worth of foraging on a (successful!) reconnaissance hike. (August – Crested Butte)

A fortuitous double bloom of the Queen of the Night (night-blooming cereus). You can watch Jen’s time-lapse video of both a single and the double blooms here: night-blooming cereus time-lapse. (August – Nederland)

After waiting years for a mountain-capable hybrid from Subaru, we made the leap to a plug-in hybrid Toyota RAV4. Her name is Bluey. (November – Boulder)

4 comments at “2022 cutting room floor”

  1. Aaron says:

    OMG! You haven’t lost your touch when it comes to photography!
    Your “cutting room floor” photos would in my hall of fame.
    Miss you and Germany! Happy new year!!!
    — Aaron

  2. Jackie Donnelly says:

    Wow! Love all those mushrooms. And the bloom timelapses. And your new car! Congrats! (And those are the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen!!!)

    Jen, I hope your health is doing better; sounds like you made some great changes. (I’m in the beginning stages of similar changes myself.) Take care, both of you! I always love your holiday e-cards!


  3. Juliet Pao says:

    Dear Jen and Jeremy,

    I’ve looked forward to your Year in Photo each year and enjoyed them so much. The beautiful photography and the life you live in the Colorado Rockies are so fascinating. You are an awesome couple who are so blessed, courageous and free to be who you want to be. I looked the pages from front to back and back to front, then to the cutting room floor and up and some more. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I want to congratulate Jen for your amazing progress in achieving a near normal A1C in such a short time. Please keep up the good work!

    Best wishes to a wonderful and fulfilling 2023 in the Rockies with Neva and Yuki and your parents near by.

    With much love,
    Auntie Juliet

  4. Cory says:

    Aloha! I love these! The July photo with the pond and the cotton candy clouds is stunning (from the cutting room floor). What a truly magical place you live in. Thanks again for keeping me on the mailing list.

    aloha nui loa

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