2020 cutting room floor

In case you need a little extra, here are the photos that didn’t make it to the 2020 photo card.

Uphill skiing with Neva and Yuki on Christmas day last year. (December 2019 – Crested Butte, Colorado)

Finding refreshingly cool patches of snow on the Continental Divide (June – Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Colorado)

Providing some relief from the unrelenting heat this summer in the form of Neva’s old baby pool. Yuki thought it was the biggest (and best) water dish ever. (July – Nederland, Colorado)

We hiked early to beat the crowds and the heat. Larkspur dotting the trailside. (July – Gunnison National Forest, Colorado)

Scouting the state of the fall colors with the assistants. (September – Gunnison National Forest)

Everyone can benefit from a change in perspective. (September – Gunnison National Forest)

Giving thanks for what we have and what we can give. (November – Crested Butte)

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