2021 cutting room floor

A handful of photos that didn’t make the 2021 photo card:

We love a big fluffy upslope storm on the Front Range. (March 2021 – Eldora)

Our sweet and simple Neva. (April – Nederland)

Yearling moose trimming back the currant bushes. (April – Nederland)

Mother’s Day strawberry chiffon cake with strawberry buttercream, strawberry coulis, Grand Marnier, and strawberry meringues. (May – Nederland)

The closest we’ve come to finding a child-size blonde morel! Jeremy’s hand for scale. (May – undisclosed location)

Leaf peeping with furry companion. (September – Gunnison National Forest)

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  1. Donna Mutchler says:

    Thank you for sharing your year, these photos are something I always look forward to. Even though we have never met, I feel as if I am catching up with a good friend.

    It seems as if my nine year old granddaughter may be interested in following Jeremy’s path. Her love of astronomy is growing by the day. Her other grandmother is taking her to Disney World next week, but the thing she is most interested in, is the day she will spend at the Kennedy Space Center. Her teacher has nominated her for access to a national STEM program. Look out, Jeremy! Abigail is headed your way.

    Wishing both of you a joyous and healthy 2022.

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