We are here for the long haul! Jeremy is now a member of the faculty at the University of Colorado, Boulder (way to go, Jeremy!). We absolutely love living in Colorado. We look forward to the coming year with anticipation and look upon the past year with remembrance. Jeremy and I invite you to view some of our photos from 2006.

Our home.
[humble abode in our favorite weather: gentle snow]

We pinch ourselves every morning we look out the windows.
[sunrise view from our house]

Chinese New Year was early this year.
[Kaweah celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dog with a red envelope of her own]

Jeremy and I picked up telemark skiing at the start of the year. Muy divertido!
[Jeremy and Nicole pause before descending the East Wall at Arapahoe Basin]

We ventured into the Indian Peaks Wilderness for some springtime fun.
[Jeremy traverses a snow field on the way to the Continental Divide]

In April, we visited with Steve, Ben, and Emily. Mom and Dad came out to celebrate Emily’s birthday too.
[Mom, Ben, Steve, Emily, and Dad]

Even in spring, we can never get enough winter.
[spring snowfall on the Boulder flatirons]

[Kaweah dives into a freezing cold Lake Isabelle]

But when Colorado does thaw out for summer, it is spectacular.
[reflection on the twin lakes in Boulder]

[blue flax blooms in our front yard]

[lush aspen groves above Telluride]

Our kitchen was busy the entire year with various projects including baked goods and confections.
[white and dark chocolate-dipped strawberries]

We celebrated Jeremy’s parents’ 35th anniversary in July.
[Mom and Dad at their lovely home in the San Juans]

On the way home, Jeremy and I stopped by Crested Butte, the Wildflower capital of Colorado.
[crimson columbines and bluebells grace a stream]

[sunflowers and larkspur in the misty Elk Mountains]

[blue columbines]

Autumn was a welcome relief from the heat of our summer days.
[hint of red aspen among the yellows and greens]

But our fall colors were short-lived with the arrival of several early season snowfalls.
[frozen leaf litter on the Hessie trail]

[sugar-coated dusting on the south fork of middle Boulder creek]

[a pair of ptarmigans molting into their white winter coats]

[birthday weekend bonanza – September snowfall in the Rockies]

[Colorado dog: Kaweah loves snow]

[I mean she LOVES snow]

My grandma turned 85 in October. Her four daughters hosted a wonderful banquet in California for friends and family to celebrate.
[beautiful women: grandma, my mom, and my aunts]

Remember all of that early season snowfall? It’s tele season again…
[Jeremy breaks in his new pair of Rossi powder birds]

As always, we wish you, our friends and families, every happiness for the coming year. Health, Happiness, Good Fortune, and Good Luck.

with love,
Jennifer, Jeremy, and Kaweah

2005: year in pictures

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